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First Fridays

Learn about hot topics and current issues in our community as leaders and experts present information and insights firsthand. There will be an opportunity following the presentation to have questions answered by the authorities themselves. 

Sons of Norway Lodge 
722 2nd Ave N, Fargo, noon-1 pm

First Friday of the month (Sept - May) 

Program for 2023-2024: Strength in Diversity

RRV League members vote on our program at every annual meeting, and we use this to guide the topics we choose for First Fridays.


Gun Violence Prevention Panel (Recording)

Transformation Roadmap (Recording)

The Importance of Diversity in Elected Offices (Recording)


Professionals of Color Chamber Group (Recording)

How Government and Policy Affect Diversity (Recording)

Cultural Diversity (Recording)

Strength in Diversity: Local Librarian Panel (Recording)
Food Access (Recording) (Speaker PowerPoint)

Legislative Update (Recording)

Access to Housing (Recording) (Speaker PowerPoints)

Access to the Polls 


Childcare Accessibility (Recording)

Know Your Voting Rights (Recording)


Understanding Your Ballot: Local Elections Made Easy (Recording)

Elections in Cass and Clay County (Recording)

Protect ND Constitution (Recording​)

City Government (Recording)

A Conversation with Moorhead Mayor Shelly Carlson (Recording)

Redistricting: How it Affects Your Vote (Recording)


Voting at Home

Real ID Guide


Impeachment: Politics and Process

How to Get Involved in 2020

2020 Census Planning


Red River Market

Medical Marijuana

Spanish Flu Epidemic 1918-1920

MN Legislative Preview


Addiction Services Update

Public Opinion Polling

Voting in Cass & Clay Counties

Approval Voting

Impacts and Relief from Payday Lending

Audubon Dakota’s Urban Woods & Prairies

Creating an Ethics Commission in ND

Transition Programs in the FM Area

Ending Addition in the FM Area


Are you a Dreamer? DACA, Immigration, and the national debate

Advancing Women Leaders

Homelessness in the FM Area

Are We Closer to Equality Now?

Renewable & Alternative Energy in ND

Fargo Election & Governance Task Force

Fargo Schools Mill Levy Vote

MN Legislative Preview


Sustainable Food through Policy & Community

Marsy’s Law: Understanding Both Sides

How to Vote in ND: The Current State of Voter ID Laws

Culture & Politics: Native American Views on the Dakota Access

Campaign Finance

City of Fargo Drought Management Plan

2016 Election Issues in North Dakota with ND Secretary of State Al Jaeger

Fargo Liquor Control Board and Task Force - oversight and current issues


The Fargo Project and Growing Together

Discussion of current and near future projects in Moorhead and Fargo. (City


Performance of the new North Dakota Voter ID Law in 2014 Election


A Preview of the 2015 Minnesota Legislative Session

Higher Education in ND from a Student's Perspective

Contributions of minority citizens to WWII.

Plans for Changes in Downtown Fargo


How does the Flood Diversion Board of Authority Work?

School Board Panel Discussion

Dr. Nick Bauroth - 'ND/MN: How to understand and follow Legislation

Key Points to Understanding Healthcare Reform

"Where Did the Money Go? The Cost of Elections in America"

League after Dark (the League tries an evening discussion meeting) - Flood

Diversion Authority, Immigration Reform, School Board strategies and MN/ND

Legislation open discussion, Discussion on Voter Legislation et al,


Where Did the Money Go? The Cost of Elections in America

Understanding Polls before Election Day and Exit polling on Election Day

Claire Wilson, MN Sec. of State's Office on Voter ID Amendment

People's Press Project

What it takes to run an Election

Minnesota: Clarifying Constitution Confusion

Redistricting in ND and MN

War on Voting


Issues of Child Care in our Community

Priorities of the United States Attorney's Office for the District of North Dakota

Budget process and the current state of finance in the City of Fargo and in Cass County

Open Meeting Laws, in Principle and in Practice.

Human Rights Legislation that impacts MN and ND

Immigration issues in Fargo/Moorhead and beyond

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