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Enter your address at to find election dates, your polling place, candidate information, and more.

About VOTE411

Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund in October of 2006, is a one-stop shop for nationwide election-related information. 


In 2020, the League of Women Voters of the Red River Valley published a voter guide on VOTE411 covering Cass County candidates and some state-level races for the General Election. 


In 2022, the League of Women Voters of North Dakota published a statewide voter guide covering all the statewide ballot measures and candidates in the state, which included 2,000+ candidates in the State Primary and 700+ in the General Election.

Is our voter guide nonpartisan?

Yes! We do not endorse candidates or put any of our positions on VOTE411. Candidates respond to our questions in their own words, and we do not edit their responses.

When will we publish our voter guide in 2024?

We will publish our guide in mid-May for the June 11 election and again in September for the General Election. We recommend following us on Facebook to catch our VOTE411 announcements.

Will our voter guide cover ballot measures?

Yes! We will have plain-language explanations of the statewide ballot measures and add the text of the county-level and city-level ballot measures to VOTE411 as we find them.

How are candidates invited to participate?

Candidates are invited by email if we have it or by mail if we don't. After the filing deadline, each candidate will receive a unique link to fill out their profile, which includes uploading a photo, filling out their contact info, and responding to our 5-6 questions. If you have questions, please reach out to us at

Don’t see your candidates' responses on VOTE411?

If your candidate hasn't responded to our questions, you can help by reaching out to the candidate and asking them to respond!

Want to share our voter guide with your friends?

Send them this message: “I found an easy way to see what is on my ballot! Head to and enter your address to see the candidates that will be on your ballot!" You can also print our VOTE411 resources to share in your community.

Want to support the voter guide financially?

We want to reach more North Dakota voters in 2024, but we need your support. We invite you to sponsor our voter guide!

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