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2024 Election Observation

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June 2024 Polling Sites Observed

We piloted our first statewide election observation program for the June 11 election! Thirty volunteers observed polling sites across the state and then submitted reports through an online form about their observations. They received training and materials before heading out for their shift.

Observer reports include information about polling sites, signage, wait times, poll workers, accessibility, and voter experience.

Observer Reports

The theme of the June election was signage! We started off the day hearing reports of campaign signs in the boulevards outside a number of polling sites, which isn't allowed. County and city election officials worked quickly to remove the signs.

Observers also noted that a number of polling sites would've benefited from additional or more prominent signs directing voters where to go, either outside or inside the polling sites. We sent these notes to county auditors, and one of them sent us this: "I appreciated some of the recommendations the observer suggested and have already included them in our planning for the General Election."

Overall, the voting process ran smoothly thanks to the hard work of our state and county election officials and our poll workers. Scroll down to read some of the stories from our observers.


Media Coverage

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6.11.2024 North Dakota Monitor

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 6.17.2024 North Dakota Monitor

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"Thank you for organizing this effort so well! I learned a lot and have increased respect for the kind, devoted, hard working election officials and the County Auditors who train them."

June 2024 Election Observer

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