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November 5, 2024 Election

Now is a great time to make a voting plan for the November election. On your ballot, you'll see candidates for US President, congress, statewide, state legislative, and county offices, along with statewide ballot measures.

Make Your Voting Plan

Have Your Voter ID Ready

North Dakota doesn't have voter registration, but you must bring a valid North Dakota ID to vote.

Plan How You'll Vote

Find your polling place for in-person voting or apply to vote absentee (vote by mail). Absentee ballots are due by November 4, postmarked or hand-delivered by 5pm.

Research Your Ballot

We have just the tool for you! Our voter guide on covers all the candidates and statewide ballot measures. After we publish in September, enter your address on the homepage to get started. 

Spread the Word!

We each have the power to increase voter turnout by making sure the people we know have the information they need to cast their ballot.


Statewide Ballot Measures

Measures 1-3 were referred to voters by the ND Legislature:

A measure to update the terminology of state public institutions.

A measure to change the citizen-initiated measure process.

A measure to make changes to the Legacy Fund.

Two citizen-initiated measure petitions were submitted to the Secretary of State, and the signatures are currently being reviewed. We should know more by August.

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