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2023 Legislative Session

Our Priorities

Our top priority for the 2023 legislative session is protecting voting rights to ensure our elections remain fair and accessible for all eligible North Dakota voters. We will be tracking election-related bills and educating the public on how to give input in the legislative process.

Take Action

  1. Follow us on OutreachCircle. Join us to stay updated on election bills and learn when you can take action to expand and protect voting rights.

  2. Contact your legislators. Make your voice heard by contacting your legislators about bills we post below. Submit this form to contact them about a bill.

  3. Submit written testimony on voting rights bills. Click here to view the committee hearing schedule that comes out every Thursday evening during the session.

Voting & Election Bill Tracking

Below we will continue to update the election-related bills we are tracking and add our positions. Click on a Fact Sheet  or Our Testimony to read more about the bill.

  • HB 1116 and HB 1257. Our Position: Support. Status: HB 1257 received a Do Pass/HB 1116 received a Do not Pass. They will head to a floor vote. Would require school board candidates to submit campaign finance reports. Fact Sheet

  • HB 1273 . Our Position: Oppose. Status: The committee gave it a Do Not Pass recommendation.. Would prohibit ranked-choice voting and approval voting from being used in North Dakota elections. Our Testimony Fact Sheet

  • HB 1424. Our Position: Support. Status: The committee gave it a Do Pass recommendation. Would require statewide and state legislative candidates to file for candidacy with an email address. Our Testimony

  • HB 1431. Our Position: Oppose. Status: The committee gave the amended bill a Do Pass recommendation. Would require a voter with a noncitizen ID card to bring proof of citizenship documents in order to vote. Our Testimony


Bills & Resolutions That Passed:

SCR 4013Our Position: Oppose.  Status: Passed both chambers and will head to the ballot in 2024 for voters to decideA resolution to place massive restrictions on ballot initiatives for constitutional amendments.  Our Testimony

Bills That Did Not Pass:

HB 1314. Our Position: Oppose. Would restrict the use of ballot drop boxes

HB 1405. Our Position: Oppose. Would limit the number of vote centers

HCR 3031. Our Position: Oppose.  A resolution to place restrictions on citizen-initiated ballot measures & to allow for electronic signature gathering for petitions.

SB 2157. Our Position: Oppose. Would require documentary proof of citizenship to vote in elections. Our Testimony 

SB 2308. Our Position: Oppose. Would get rid of mail-in voting

More Voting & Election Bills

Our Positions

Our guiding document on public policy positions can be found in Impact on Issues, an overview of the League of Women Voters of the US’ advocacy and legislative work from the 1960s and onward. We will be focusing our advocacy on voting rights; these positions can be found on pages 23–32.

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How a Bill Becomes a Law North Dakota
How to Submit Public Testimony North Dakota
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