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How to Start a Local Chapter

Ready to start a League chapter in your area?

Reach out to us at, and we can get you started!

Here is information from the National League on starting a chapter:

On April 18, 2017, the LWVUS board approved a new membership engagement model and new local League recognition standards. It provides the beginning framework for:

  1. Simplifying and streamlining internal administrative practices for state and local Leagues;

  2. Focusing our organizational energy on programs that make an impact; and

  3. Leveraging new interest in the organization while letting go of processes that slow us down.

State Leagues are now free to serve as the administrative hub of new Leagues groups formed in their communities. This means state Leagues could, if they so choose, take on administrative functions, membership and record keeping, tax/IRS reporting, and other functions for new local League groups or existing Leagues who so choose. In turn, the new local groups would achieve recognition by LWVUS if they met basic criteria.

New local Leagues should focus on these three steps to start:

Criteria for LWVUS Recognition of New Local Leagues

  • Leadership group, consisting of chairperson and at least 2 other members.

  • Have a non-partisanship policy, have a DEI policy, subscribe to League positions, and respect other Leagues' jurisdictions/use name of LWV.

  • Partnership with state (or national) League to uphold business best practices to minimize risk and liability, such as IRS reporting.

All Leagues need to apply for LWVUS Board of Directors recognition to officially be considered a League of Women Voters local League. The application can be found here.

Use the link at the bottom to view and download a PDF that includes sample documents and resources to assist new Leagues.

Any new local League should also:

Local League Starter Kit (PDF)

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