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LWV of North Dakota
Board of Directors

President: Lois Altenburg
Vice President: Cheryl Bergian
Secretary: Alice Hauan
Treasurer: Carol Sawicki


  • Kathi Osteen
  • Renee Stromme
  • Rhonda Schwartz

Nominating Committee:

  • Mary Tintes
  • Carol Reed

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League Chapters

There are separate web pages for each North Dakota League Chapter:

Red River Valley: updated 11/25/2014, First Friday Announcement.

Bismarck-Mandan: updated 9/25/2014, Candidate Debates/Forums - Fall 2014 Schedule.

LWV-ND to Sponsor
a Redistricting Reform Initiative

At the May 25, 2010 meeting the Board of the North Dakota League of Women Voters voted to sponsor a constitutional amendment initiated measure that, if passed, would create an independent legislative redistricting commission for North Dakota. As an organization that is dedicated to the principles of nonpartisanship, representative government and citizen involvement in public policy, the League of Women Voters is the ideal group to promote such an initiative for redistricting reform.

As long as new legislative district boundaries are set by the Legislature, gerrymandering is apt to occur. An independent commission would be more likely to draw district lines based on communities of interest and geographic features and would be less biased by the political affiliation of the voters. Elections would be more competitive, and the voters would be more engaged in the process.

In order for the citizens of North Dakota to have a chance to vote on this initiated measure, petitions must be circulated and signed. Nearly 26,000 signatures must be collected on these petitions by June of 2011.
Several League members collected hundreds of signatures at a booth at the Red River Valley Fair in July 2010. There are plans to have booths at other events in upcoming months, such as the Winter Show in Valley City. Many interested people all over the state have already returned filled petitions to the League office and are continuing to collect signatures.

Of course, the more people who circulate petitions, the better the chances of this important initiative making it to the North Dakota ballot.

Use this link to download & print your own copy of the initiative.

Any eligible North Dakota voter may sign a petition, (although a person may not sign a petition that he or she is carrying). Get as many signatures as you can, take the petition to a notary public and have your signature notarized on the last page of the initiative.

Then mail the entire document to the state League office:

League of Women Voters of North Dakota
508 4th St N
Fargo, ND 58102

If you have any questions, please call (701) 297-6815 or email

July 2010 ND Voter

New "ND Voter" newsletter posted today.
The newsletter features:

  • LWV-ND to Sponsor a Redistricting Reform Initiative
  • From The President
  • Bismarck/Mandan Candidate Forums
  • Fargo Candidate Forums
  • West Fargo Candidate Forums
  • LWV of North Dakota 2009-2010 Officers
  • The Naturalization Ceremony

The newsletter is in the PDF format for easy printing or viewing with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Voting : A Right and Privilege
for America’s Youth

Instructor Resource Guide: Materials intended for young, first-time voters attending high school and college.
(22 page PDF)

This is a non-partisan project funded with support from the Help America Vote Act program administered by the North Dakota Secretary of State’s Office.

The Voting: A Right and Privilege for America’s Youth project is intended to support the objectives of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Plan in North Dakota. It focuses on young voters and is intended to equip them with the information they need to effectively participate in our democratic form of government.


  1. Introduction
  2. Voting Matters Handout: History Of Voting Rights In The U.S.
  3. Voting Process: Registration Early/Absentee Voting, Residency Issues, Information For College Students, Voter Identification Requirements
  4. Voting Equipment: HAVA, Casting A Ballot, Student Poll Worker Information
  5. Voter Bill Of Rights & How To Report Complaints
  6. Learn About The Candidates & Issues: Things To Think About When Watching Debates, Seeking Information About Candidates And Issues, Evaluating Ads, Distortion Tactics, Other Things To Evaluate, About Telephone Polls
  7. Handout: Electoral College
  8. Resources and End Notes

Youth Voting Videos:

The Secretary of State has released of a series of voter education videos for the 2006 election cycle. They are intended to educate voters on the new
statewide voting system, voter rights and responsibilities, absentee and election day voting, and about the state’s election procedures and laws

voting instructional videos

Election Information:

Where To Vote

Country Polling Places and Phone Numbers
The preceding link takes you to the ND Secretary of State's web site and lists the addresses where to vote. There is also a phone number if you don't know you're precinct number/location. (phone numbers only)

Voter Information

Voting and Elections Official information and services from the U.S. Government.

Local Chapters


Red River Valley
(Fargo, Moorhead,
West Fargo, Dilworth.)

Grand Forks
For more information on the Grand Forks League please call Maureen Ramsett (701) 772-7371


North Dakota Women’s Network
The NDWN serves a catalyst for improving the lives of women through communication, legislation and increased public activism.

League of Women Voters of Minnesota


League of Women Voters

The Federal Election Commission

Political Parties

Republican National Committee.
North Dakota Republican Party
Minnesota Republican Party

Democratic National Committee.
Minnesota DFL Party
North Dakota Democratic Party

Green Party of Minnesota
The Libertarian Party

North Dakota Redistricting

A link to pdf files with the maps of the new district proposals

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